The Alucoffre shutter is made to measure with double-walled extruded slats of 30mm height. The door can be used to close compartments or as loading access door in all kind of vehicles as replacement of conventional swing doors to optimise the space inside and outside.

As difference from our others shutters models, the Alucoffre is not balanced thanks to a spring system to assist user when opening the door. The shutter is sent in horizontal tracks at opening + rear of the compartment (if the depth is smaller than the shutter opening height). This reduces considerably the minimum header dimension required to 75mm only in order to hide the mechanism. This shutter model is adapted to small shutters surface by its low obstruction level (no balancer) and its passing height increased thanks to specific handles, smallers, adapted to that use (profile handle).

However, the weight of the shutter to lift could be quickly too heavy and dangerous for user if the dimensions are not controlled. Then, we limit the shutter surface area to a maximum area of 0.5m².

It’s delivered in different parts ready to install:
• 1 assembled shutter
• 1 pair of vertical side tracks
• 1 pair of horizontal side tracks
• 1 packet of accessories


Dimensions of use:

Maximum Height

1000 mm

Maximum Width

1000 mm

Minimum Width

100 mm

Maximum surface area

0,5 m²

Weight of the shutter /m²

12 kg