The ALUCOFFRE door (folding curtain under the roof without assistance / roll-up) is made to measure with double-walled recessed slats in extruded aluminum with a height of 30 mm. It is used as a trunk closure, loading door in all types of bodywork replacing conventional hinged doors to optimize interior and exterior space.

Unlike the other doors in the range, the ALUCOFFRE model is not compensated by a spring system for opening assistance. It is systematically foldable under the roof or under the lower roof, thus reducing the space required in the upper part of the boot to hide the mechanism (lintel). This model is suitable for small curtains due to its small interior size (no roller) and its useful upper passage (simple handle without mechanism taking up less space in the opening).

However, the weight of the curtain to be lifted can quickly become very heavy and therefore dangerous for the user if the dimensions are not checked. We therefore limit this product to a maximum surface of 0.5m².

This curtain is delivered in separate elements ready to be installed by the manufacturer:
• 1 assembled apron
• 1 pair of pre-drilled aluminum vertical rails
• 1 pair of pre-drilled aluminum horizontal rails
• 1 bag of accessories


Dimensions of use:

Maximum Height

1000 mm

Maximum Width

1000 mm

Minimum Width

100 mm

Maximum surface area

0,5 m²

Weight of the shutter /m²

12 kg