The aluminum roller shutter for special vehicles

Replacing very easily the conventionnal vehicles and lorries swing doors, the roll-up door first attracted firefighters to its zero obstruction level at opening for a better safety for user, simply access to the stuff and easy material handling.

Furthermore, the opening volume leads to a level of performance and accuracy in a compartiment layout which is appropriate for such kind of emergency vehicles.

The aluminium roller shutter become nowadays a standard door opening system for fire and emergency vehicles and convinced vehicles manufacturers to adopt this safe and efficient solution for others kind of vehicles such as: Delivery, Mobile workshop, Electric vehicles, Road services, Recovery truck, Boat, Machine and much more!

It brings a safety for user with a door which roll inside the vehicle instead of opening outside on the way.



30 years of expertise
MCD sold abroad in about 52 countries
Full Customization Possible

Located in the West of France in Cholet (49) in recent and spacious premises of 3500m ², the company MCD is specialized since 1989 in the manufacture of aluminum sliding curtain door for vehicles and specific uses.

Located in the north-west part of France in modern installation of 3500m², the
company MCD is specialised since 1989 in the production of aluminium roller
shutters for vehicles and specifics uses.

• Serial number on each shutter to identify original product manufactured
and simplify after sales requirements

• Full customization possible: dimensions, closing systems, colours choice,
additionnals equipments, …

• Perfect balancing of the door for easy handling, effortless with one hand!

• Strict quality controls at each step of the production




More than 30 years of experience

Associating the quality of craftsmanship and precision of industrial production, MCD exports throughout the world. Today, MCD’s market fulfils more than 90% of national requirements, and is the most important supplier for fire protection vehicle in Europe. The products are sold in about 52 countries across Europe, Asia, Middle East, America and Oceania. MCD also has a production partnership in Poland and about 15 distributors worldwide.

Established Internationally

The success of this development and International conquest is based on fundamental principles of the company: Quality, Respect for specifications, Deep customization, Availability, Fast answers and the Openess with which we listen to our partners and customers.

The leitmotif “Research and Innovation”

Today, the leitmotiv “Research and Innovation” means that the company continues to develop, improve, innovate to propose new solutions with its skill to answer a market expectations more and more demanding.

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