This option detects the door position and provides a signal / information about the doors statement : opened or closed.
Then, it’s possible to wire on it a lighting system (MCD can supply, option 4.7) for automatic lighting of the compartment when opening the shutter. This signal can also be wired on a cabin signal, buzzer or computer to inform the driver, crew about shutter position.
MCD propose in its range 2 models of magnetic sensors (direct and indirect) and 1 mechanical model, to answer each needs

Magnetic sensors
A red pvc cap with integrated magnet is installed on each shutter side of a slat profile.
A sensor with electro-magnetic detection integrated in special resin to be totally waterpoof, is installed on 1 of the tracks in front of the magnet position when shutter is closed. It’s possible to adjust easilly the sensor position on the tracks if needed.
When opening the shutter, the lighting of the compartment and signal in the cabin are automatically activated.
This lighting is activated 1 second after the opening to avoid untimely ignition when the truck is moving and shutter too.

Mechanical sensor
The mechanical sensor’s lever which activate the switch is hold in position thanks to a black rubber installed at the rear of the shutter, at a specific position, to face the sensor when shutter is in closed position. When opening the door, the rubber roll inside with the door and release the sensor lever to activate the system. The power is then supplied to the lights connected and to cabin signal for the crew.


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