Compartment LED lighting


MCD LED lighting system is composed of a flexible LED ribbon where are integrated some CMS LED fully covered by a resin to make waterproof the whole system (IP67). As difference from basic ribbon available on the market, our LED has been develop to fit vehicles requirements with some additionnals electronic components to protect the system for automotive use.

Those LED are available in 2 voltages to precise at ordering time: 12 or 24V. MCD can adjust the lenght by step of 100mm. We can integrate those LED in 2 kinds of aluminium profiles following your requirements:
1. An aluminium profile with 2 end caps, clipped onto the rear of the tracks, with 45° orientation to the inside of the locker.
2. A flat aluminium profile with 2 end caps ready to install everywhere on a flat surface.

• Uniform light distribution all along the locker height
• Fully integrated to the shutter components
• Instant lighting
• Automotive electronic protections
• Adjustable lighting position
• High-performance white lighting
• Reduced consumption : 14,4W/m
• Waterproof system IP67


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