Pull strap


This option is very usefull for hight shutters, when it’s not possible to catch the handle to close the shutter. We can install in this situation a pull strap to close the shutter even if the handle cannot be reached.
2 models are available :

“Standard” pull strap
A red strap with MCD logo of about 20mm width is installed between the top side panel and the bottom profile with handle. This location inssure the strap to stay always inside the comaprtment when shutter is closed, without falling outside, for a better aesthetic and longer lifetime.

“Rubber” pull strap
A red rubber pull strap of about 25mm width is installed on the vehicle between the bottom profile with handle and the middle of the shutter height, on the compartment walling. The rubber part inssure this strap to stay always straight in the compartment in closed and opened shutter position in order to don’t disturb user with a strap facing the locker equipment.


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