Outside area LED lighting


This option consists in an aluminium drip channel profile usefull to protect user from water flow in which is integrated a powerfull LED lighting with anti-dazzling profile in PMMA to flood the light. The specific rear shape of this profile can be used to hold any kind of top seal we propose in our range.

The advantage of this drip channel integration is to supply a regular lighting flow all along the vehicle if necessary while being difused using the anti-dazzling PMMA profile which also protect the LED. This avoid having only 1 powerfull spot source that is too dazzling in the night. The maximum lenght of this profile is about 6.90m and can accept 2 LED voltages: 12 or 24V to precise at ordering time.

• Uniform light distribution all along the vehicle lenght
• Instant lighting
• Automotive electronic protections
• High-performance white lighting
• Reduced consumption : 14,4W/m
• Waterproof system IP67
• Anti-dazzling and protection profile


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