Electric locking system


This option (only compatible with our bar lift handle closing system) allows the unlocking of the vehicle’s doors at the same time. Each shutter is equipped with 2 electro-magnet (1 per side) activating a locking bolt to inssure the locking of the shutter electrically.
This system saves essential time for emergency vehicles when arriving on the scene by instantly unlocking all the shutters together. This solution is also appreciatted when installed on delivery vehicles to save time and bring more safety by automatic lock.
This option is delivered with a push button to place in the cabin for driver with 2 positions to open or lock the door. The option can also be controlled by others devices if necessary such as a remote control, hidden button or hand brake parking.

• Instant power consume only when operating the system
• Easy installation and use
• Manual safety operation in case of power failure
• Available in 12 or 24V
• Safety and time saving option for specifics vehicles

This option is only compatible with our bar lift handle closing system

An impulse on the «closed padlock» button position activates the electro-magnet to release the locking bolt and lock the shutter. The opening of the shutter is then impossible because of the locking rode obstruction.

Safety operation
This option works in parallel with our manual key locking system as an emergency maneuver in the event of components or power failure. Simply insert the key in the lock cylinder of the bottom profile with handle which moves the locking rode manually and allows the opening of the shutter.


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